Rice Purity Test I Check Your Rice Purity Test Score I 2019 Updated

If you are reading these words for the first time, it must confuse you. After all, what the hell is a rice purity test? Well, no, it is not a test to check the purity of rice. It is a different kind of test. Rice Purity Test is to check a person’s purity!

What is Rice Purity Test?

At First, the basic idea of the Rice Purity Test is that are many “acts” listed out. Then these acts range from innocent acts like holding hands with the opposite to anal sex or pregnancies. Even police arrest and drugs are included! The Rice Purity Test is extremely popular. Afterward, it has inspired schools across the world. Many forums and chat rooms are dedicated to these tests. Even after they publish a book about it. That is the extent of its popularity.

Why Should You Take Rice Purity Test?

The basic idea behind the Rice Purity Test is that the more score you have, the purer you are. The fewer acts you have done on the list, the higher your score will be. But if your score is less, it means you are not pure. In the modern day context, some people may see a lower score as something “cool”. The Rice Purity test is very popular.

It can help you find your peer group. If you want to hang out with people who are incredibly prudish, you can, by getting a higher score. A high score typically denotes that the person has not done many of the shameful things.

These things range from anal sex, bestiality, kissing, crime, drugs and even incest. The Rice Purity Test was quite disgraceful and controversial, but it is still popular with colleges across the world. If one thinks about it, the purity test can lead to bullying or judgment by others.

But that is not the aim of the test. One can take the test without judging at all. The Rice Purity Test has designed for fun to bring like-minded people together. The interesting thing is, rather than divide the students; it tends to bring them together.

How Rice Purity Test Makes Connectivity Among Students?

The Rice Purity Test increases the exchange between the students. If you are a cool student who wants to find similar peers and to hook up, you can do so with a low score. Some of the activities on the list are illegal and dangerous. Some of the activities are even dangerous enough to kill you!

The Rice Purity Test has a warning on top that this is not a bucket list. It gives off the idea that some students tried to complete the list as a target.

The RIce Purity Test uses various algorithms to rate your score. Originally meant as an orientation week prank, it has now spread like a virus. If you want to take the test, you can go to this site. The test is extremely explicit and made for people who are adventurous.

Categories You Will Face in Rice Purity Test

The list is a diverse variety of sexual, criminal, abusive, perverted, naughty, evil acts. Then each of this takes off a few points of your total score. If you tick one activity, you get some minus two points. There are about 100 questions to ask.

If you do not tick many of them, you may get a higher score. In the end, the goal of the Rice Purity Test is to get a score based on your personal life and experiences. Lying on the test or being scared of what others will think will only ruin the experience for you.

Final Words

Despite the test’s popularity, many criticize it for being judgemental and divisive. But students continue to make use of the Rice Purity Test to make friends on the Orientation week of their colleges. Finally, enjoy taking the test!